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RT Quick Calc is the go-to app for respiratory therapists in order to easily and efficiently do every day calculations that the RT profession relies on.




Calculations are just a click away and inputs are streamlined to get your answer fast!


Search for calculations, read a brief description for each and learn the formula used.


Quickly access frequently used calculations by adding them to your favorites!


The beautiful and colorful design draws your eye to the important information first!

Formulas Available

This is an ever expanding list of forumlas our app contains. Search or scroll through the list and add as many as you want to your favorites for quick access to frequently used calculations!

A-a O2 Gradient

a/A Ratio

Airway Resistance

Anion Gap

Bicarb Gap

Cardiac Index

Cardiac Output

Dynamic Compliance

Ejection Fraction

Expected pH

Have Want Formula (FiO2)

Have Want Forumla (Min VE)

Have Want Formula (RR)

Have Want Formula (VT)

Henderson Hasselbach Equation

Ideal Body Weight

Ideal Tidal Volume

Minute Ventilation

Oxygen Content

Oxygenation Index

P/F Ratio

Physiologic Deadspace

Point Seven Plus 20 Rule

Pulmonary Vascular Resistance (PVR)

Respiratory Rate


Static Compliance

Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR)

Tidal Volume

Winter's Equation

And many more coming soon!

RT Quick Calc